Range Curated Promotional Video


In our visually captivating promotional video, founder Megan Howard Forbes speaks about how she got her start in New York City, and went on to funnel everything she gleaned from 16 years in the luxury sector into the launch of Range Curated. 

Set against the background of beautiful Naples, Florida, the footage captured by Naples GM Creative recounts Megan’s journey through high fashion to private client experience design. With the desire of bringing bespoke encounters to individuals, Megan channeled her core strengths of visual styling and project management into the founding of our detail-obsessed consultancy. We’ve been setting new standards for service excellence across multiple lifestyle categories ever since!

Through Range Curated, Megan distills insider knowledge into exceptionally beautiful encounters for clients worldwide, and the Naples GM Creative team did not disappoint in showcasing Megan’s unparalleled talent for orchestrating these unforgettable moments. Press play on the video below to see her journey unfold!