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At Range Curated, prioritizing beauty does not equate to surface-level polishing. We are vigorous in our pursuit of aesthetic perfection because we believe the style of an experience enhances its substance.

Working with precision and intention, our team develops flawless design concepts that quiet distraction, maximize sensory engagement, and facilitate the deepest levels of appreciation and enjoyment for all in attendance.

Through symphonic levels of behind-the-scenes orchestration, we achieve breathtaking moments that unfold as organically as an exhale.


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Many event planning companies offer momentary assistance for singular occasions. We prefer to work with our clients holistically over the course of years rather than weeks.

Here, the conclusion of an animation, milestone celebration, or bespoke experience most often serves as a jumping off point for deeper levels of continued partnership. After immersing ourselves so completely in the details of your life—how you take your coffee in the morning, what makes you most comfortable when traveling—it’s easy for us to carry your preferences forward into the curation of babymoons, day trips, luncheons, international adventures, anniversary parties, and more. We operate under the same mantra when partnering with brands to promote their mission and standards as they evolve.

With Range, there’s no starting over. Ever! Our specialized experiences and custom-tailored itineraries can flex to fit every facet and season of your life.

We’re ready and able to grow—and go—with you. Wherever life takes you.

A lifetime of beautiful experiences awaits.

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My childhood was spent surrounded by art, food, travel, and design. Perhaps because of these influences, I knew from an early age that it was New York or nowhere for me. After being accepted into Parsons School of Design, I landed my first role with Christian Dior Couture at the age of 20, which officially began my journey in the luxury fashion and hospitality sectors.

Over the last 16 years, I’ve executed more than 550 productions for the world’s most discerning clienteles. In so many ways, life really is all about who you know, and I’ve been privileged to form connections with incredibly talented individuals along the way. These relationships are fundamental to my approach to event and experience planning.

I’ve moved about in the world of bespoke encounters, emerging trends, and insiders-only knowledge for my entire career, and everything I’ve gleaned is now at your disposal through Range Curated. I look forward to welcoming you into the Range family, and curating beautiful experiences that are entirely unique to you.

Developing relationships with people and for people is at the heart of what we do through Range Curated—and why we love doing it.

Megan h. forbes

A Note from our founder

- Emily

“Megan's taste greatly enhances the environments she is presented with. She leans into briefs, understands color palettes, and compares materials thoughtfully. Her eye for detail is both experiential and visual, with stunning details and a mindfulness of lighting consideration. She is a strong communicator who can be entrusted to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.”

Entrusted to meet deadlines and exceed expectations

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