Day in the Life


As the morning light rose over Naples, our team began preparing for a whirlwind day in anticipation of the evening’s event: An intimate dinner party at a private residence for the host’s closest friends, family, and neighbors. 

With less than two months of planning lead time, Range orchestrated a wonderful culinary team to highlight the bounty of the season and sourced the perfect live music to keep guests dancing all night.

As the leader of our pack, Megan Howard Forbes’ day always starts with a run in the sunshine, followed by lots of coffee to fuel the task of overseeing vendor set-up. The Zee Anna team captured Megan collecting florals, completing final touches on the tables, and getting dressed to be the on-site face at the event.

Megan’s favorite hack during high season is working with the beauty team at Sephora for a quick makeover. “Having my makeup professionally done for an event is a big confidence booster, and helps me maintain my energy knowing I’ll have at least another eight hours on my feet. When I’m close enough to Waterside Shops, I always pop in to see the head artist for a quick full face with lashes. This service is a godsend during high season when our cherished beauty partners are fully committed to weddings.”

Of course, no day is complete without some smooches from our team’s animals—then it’s time for a quick change and out the door! “There is nothing better than the hosts seeing the final set up for the first time, cocktail in hand, as the sun dips below the horizon and guests arrive in awe,” says Megan. “We love being there for that moment and value always being there for the day-of.”