The Hermes Roosevelt Field Boutique was an ephemeral event encompassing multiple luxury categories—silk, shoes, small leather goods, belts, accessories, and beauty. Together in an exclusive partnership with a NY based production studio, Megan managed the entire project from sketch to final execution over the course of eight months. The team handled everything from design, to sourcing and procurement, spatial planning, fabrication management, and visual propping production. To ensure that the vision was seamlessly fulfilled, Megan also acted as the on-site lead for the installation team. A stunning showcase, the Hermes Roosevelt Field Boutique brought together exquisite materials and meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that even a temporary boutique should match the experience of the brand’s permanent fleet.

Garden City, NY


40 Hours


8 Months



Total Sq. Ft.

Roosevelt Field Boutique


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- Emily

“Megan brings a professionalism to her projects that is a level above most creatives. She is organized, has all information printed and ready for live events, and clear instructions for her vendors and collaborators. I've watched Megan solve problems ranging from the broad—how to turn a basic room into an intimate setting—as well as the more last-minute issues that always arise, such as when the wrong size or supply item is sent. Megan handled both with grace and a sense of opportunity, to resolve in a different and creative way.”

A level above most creatives

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