Designed by Pierre Charpin, a clever artist responsible for many of the beautiful silks, objects, and furniture within the Hermes collection, this whimsical display served as an invitation to step into the captivating world of Hermes. Megan liaised with the brand’s French design headquarters, US merchandising team, the artist, and all production partners to bring Charpin’s vision to fruition. Additionally, Megan was responsible for managing the exclusive production partners for the set build, sourcing and procuring materials, and led the installation team in New York. The result was a simple yet striking window display that showcased the playful talent of Pierre Charpin and the unrivaled elegance of Hermes.

New York, NY


48 Hours


6 Weeks



Total Sq. Ft.

Pierre Charpin Windows


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- Emily

“Megan brings a professionalism to her projects that is a level above most creatives. She is organized, has all information printed and ready for live events, and clear instructions for her vendors and collaborators. I've watched Megan solve problems ranging from the broad—how to turn a basic room into an intimate setting—as well as the more last-minute issues that always arise, such as when the wrong size or supply item is sent. Megan handled both with grace and a sense of opportunity, to resolve in a different and creative way.”

A level above most creatives

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