With Miami’s Design District selected as the location for this highly anticipated pop-up shop, Megan began the process of sourcing and procuring materials and identifying each specific partner who could be trusted to execute the collaborative vision. In exclusive partnership with a NY based production studio, Megan acted as a liaison between the brand’s French headquarters and the US merchandising team, while also providing on-site direction throughout the installation in Miami. The final activation was a fabulous meeting of creativity and luxury, featuring prints and carpets accented by clouds, steel embossed with Dior logos, a bespoke helicopter from France, and a mix of metal/plexiglass fixtures that highlighted the products.

Design District
Miami, FL


48 Hours


6 Weeks



Total Sq. Ft.

Mens x Rimowa


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- Emily

“Megan brings a professionalism to her projects that is a level above most creatives. She is organized, has all information printed and ready for live events, and clear instructions for her vendors and collaborators. I've watched Megan solve problems ranging from the broad—how to turn a basic room into an intimate setting—as well as the more last-minute issues that always arise, such as when the wrong size or supply item is sent. Megan handled both with grace and a sense of opportunity, to resolve in a different and creative way.”

A level above most creatives

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