An easy extension to a stay in Madrid, and equally delightful as a main attraction, this carefully-curated itinerary invites you to discover the beauty of the western Mediterranean with an exploration of Mallorca's coastal villages. Revel in world-class dining experiences, luxury accommodations in historic fortresses, estates, and visits to private villas boasting breathtaking views. Treat yourself to Spanish cooking classes and hamam-style spa treatments. Pairing unforgettable wine tasting experiences with unbelievable views, the island is our top pick among the Balearics. 

An itinerary full of coastal charm and luxury living

Discover the Best of Mallorca

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-Nicole Pignatello | CEO, Colette Events

“Megan is always the first one to problem-solve, offer advice, or help and share solutions. She is very action-oriented and a true team player. She is incredibly professional and, given her background in luxury fashion, has an elevated eye for detail. She is always my go-to!”

An elevated eye for detail

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