The best way to begin a marriage? With a bit of international adventure! The Range Curated team was delighted to craft a bespoke honeymoon experience in Southern Spain and Morocco for these newlyweds. Our intention was to strike a balance between on-the-go excursions and moments of respite. With this in mind, we arranged for the groom to play a round of golf while the bride lounged at the beach club, giving each the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and sea breeze on their own terms. After exploring the breathtaking city of Seville, it was off to Morocco! Outside Marrakech, the couple embarked on a dreamy desert excursion complete with a private dinner and camel riding experience under the starry sky. Other days were filled with wandering through the vibrant souks, tasting local cuisine, and visiting a mosque in Casablanca. Throughout their honeymoon, the couple enjoyed luxurious accommodations that catered to their comfort. A bit of adventure mixed with relaxation and cultural exploration is our recipe for creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Luxe honeymoon itinerary in Southern Spain & Morocco

Andalusian and Moroccan Magic

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-Nicole Pignatello | CEO, Colette Events

“Megan is always the first one to problem-solve, offer advice, or help and share solutions. She is very action-oriented and a true team player. She is incredibly professional and, given her background in luxury fashion, has an elevated eye for detail. She is always my go-to!”

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